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The De Tomaso Guarà is a sports car and the last project of the founder and owner Alejandro de Tomaso put into the market.

Presented at the 1993 Geneva Motor Show, the Guarà was available as a coupe and open barchetta. The latter corresponds to the coupe but without roof and proper windscreen; just a small air deflector protects the passenger and the driver from the elements and the car had to be driven while wearing a helmet. The Guarà is based on the Maserati Barchetta Stradale prototype from 1991, a true race car from which a few conversions finally made it onto the public roads. The third model was the Guarà Spider, a convertible with a small canvas top; only five were produced. As for the Maserati Barchetta the designer is Carlo Gaino of the "Synthesis Design".

The first cars (mainly Coupés) were sold in 1994 and with some interruptions the Coupé and the Barchetta still were available (prepayment required) in 2005/2006 in Italy, Austria and Switzerland. However, it seems there were no cars built after 2004 when the company went into liquidation.

Fibreglass, Kevlar, and other Composites make the body shell, fitted to a tubular frame. The suspension is true Formula 1 and Indy Car technology with independent upper and lower wishbone with pushrod front and read end suspension. The Guarà is known for its highly agile handling which makes it a bit too talkative to the normal driver.

First, the Guarà was built using technology and interior parts from BMW but later all cars came equipped with Ford/Visteon (Canada) parts and engines. The Guara was never homologated for US sale. However, one Ford powered Guarà coupe has been imported into the US and has California license plates. It was displayed on November 2, 2008 at a car show in Los Angeles.

Though sources vary, approximately 10 to 12 Barchettas, 5 Spiders and about 50 Coupés were sold. Production of Spiders ceased when De Tomaso switched to the Ford engine as the new power plant did not leave enough room for the canvas.



  • BMW M60 B30 light alloy V8
  • 4.0 L, 32-valve
  • 276 PS (272 hp/203 kW)
    • Note: a 304 PS (300 hp/224 kW) version was announced but most likely just a prototype was built with that engine
  • 6-speed manual

1998–2004 (1993– for America)

  • Ford/Visteon light alloy V8
  • 4.6 L, 32-valve
  • 320 hp (239 kW)
    • Supercharged engines producing 375 and 430 hp (280 and 321 kW) were announced but never built
  • 6-speed manual
  • Maximum speed
  • Coupé: 270 km/h (168 mph)
  • Barchetta: 275 km/h (171 mph)
  • Acceleration 0-100 km/h (62 mph): approximately 5.0 s
  • Weight
    • Coupé: 1400 kg (3086 lb)
    • Barchetta: 1050 kg (2315 lb)
  • Prices in 2005
    • Coupé: €118000
    • Barchetta: €104000


Version: Guara Coupe
Chassis: 0001
Engine: 4-litre BMW V8
Year built: TBC
Exterior: Blue
Interior: Black
First owner: TBC
History: Exported to the USA, painted red and prepared for track use.
Version: Guara Barchetta
Chassis: 0009
Engine: 4-litre BMW V8
Year built: 1997
Exterior: Green
Interior: Green
First owner: TBC
History: Originally delivered to France.


Version: Guara Coupe
Chassis: 0009
Engine: 4-litre BMW V8
Year built: 1996/'99
Exterior: Grey Metallic
Interior: Tan
First owner: Manfred Lang, Germany
History: In 1999 the original owner, industrial designer Manfred Lang, had 0009 converted to a Spyder by Autosport coachworks Bacchelli & Villa, Bastiglia, Italy.
Equipped with a reworked front valance, bespoke leather interior, redesigned exhaust system and fitted Schedoni luggage.
December 1999 featured in Auto Italia magazine.


Version: Guara Coupe
Chassis: 0026
Engine: 4.6-litre Ford V8
Year built: 2000
Exterior: Yellow
Interior: Magnolia
First owner: TBC
History: First registered October 2000.
July 2008 for sale at 1400km with NC Automobile, Bernhausen, Germany.


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