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The best place to find Pantera technical information is the quarterly Pantera International Magazine, the quarterly Pantera Owners Club of America (POCA) magazine, the Pantera Owners Club of America (POCA) monthly newsletter, the Pantera technical manuals and the Pantera parts and service vendors.  See the web links page for joining the Pantera clubs and contacting Pantera vendors and the book page for the technical manuals.  The technical information manual, technical service bulletins, illustrated parts manual and owners manual are must have items for working on your Pantera.


Air Conditioning and Heating System


Body and Doors 


Cooling System



351 Cleveland Engine

Exhaust Systems


Fuel System






The Need For Speed Pantera Simulation  
An interesting technical document hand written by de Tomaso of America. 2.5 meg PDF. This document was given to the first owner of Pantera #1365 used in the Hawaii 5-0 series.  Currently owned by Dennis Yogi.   Visit Dennis's website to learn more about #1365.  


Pantera Ownership 

Panteras Under Construction


Technical Resources

Richard Barkley's Parts List   Bill Taylor's Gear Head Information Database 
View with Microsoft Excel  View with Microsoft Excel (click view with Excel or download to your computer, file size 1 meg)
   A fabulous resource on where to find stuff for your Pantera


 Specifications and Performance 

Suspension, Steering and Brakes


Technical Sessions 

Transaxle and Clutch 



Wheels and Tires